Samstag, 8. April 2023

(EN) Ep.18 | Pota Carl: The Hero Hippo 🦛 Who Saved the Meerkats!"

 🦛🐾 Pota Carl the Brave Hippo Saves the Day! 🐾🦛

Join Pota Carl, a curious young hippo, as he races to the rescue of the meerkats at the zoo 🐾🏃‍♂️. When a big digger threatens to destroy the meerkats' home, Pota Carl steps up to protect them 💪. With the help of his feline friend Tinka, they save the day and make some new animal friends along the way 🐾🦁🐯🐶. This heartwarming story teaches children the value of courage, kindness, and looking out for others 📚🧒. It's available in three languages (English, German, and Spanish) on our website, along with a free PDF for parents to read aloud to their little ones 🎁. Join Pota Carl on his thrilling adventure and discover the power of friendship and bravery 🌟. -------------------------- Downloadlink for a free pdf to read aloud: -------------------------- If you're looking to help your kids learn languages, this story is also available in German: and Spanish: =============== Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: ===============

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