Sonntag, 2. April 2023

(EN) Ep. 9 Pota Carl – „at the Kindergarten” 🧒🎈

 Children's stories in English to relax and soothe kids. Ideal for children aged 3 years and up. A charming bedtime story that will help your kids relax and fall asleep.

------------------------- 🦛🌟 Join Pota Carl the Hippo on his exciting adventure in our latest story! Discover the fun and educational journey of this curious hippo as he explores outside the zoo and meets new friends. 🌻💦 Learn valuable lessons about caring for plants and making friends in a multilingual environment! Available in German, Spanish, and English, listen to the story or download a FREE PDF for reading aloud on our website at 🎧📖 Don't miss this incredible tale for kids and the young at heart! 💖🌈 Downloadlink for a free pdf to read aloud: -------------------------- If you're looking to help your kids learn languages, this story is also available in German: and Spanish:

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