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(En) Ep. 1 - Pota Carl goes on his first Adventure

(En) Ep. 1 - Pota Carl goes on his first Adventure

We meet Carl, a curious little hippo who lives in a zoo with his hippo family, in this story. He sneaks out of his enclosure one night and goes on an adventure to see where people live. He takes a tram along the way and even meets a friendly tiger who warns him to be cautious.

When a tram attendant asks for his ticket, Carl realizes he's lost and must return to the zoo. The zoo director brings him home safely, and the next day, Carl tells all his animal friends about his exciting adventure. The story teaches children the value of curiosity, bravery, and staying safe.

Link to the free pdf in case you want to read the story to your kids.

Link to the German version of this story.

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